Your dedicated Partner in Air Operator Certification


The company

In 2005 I started my company, KammAir B.V., with the GA8 Airvan, a single-engine eight seater, high wing, multirole utility aircraft, pictured above.

KammAir acquired its AOC and its CAMO recognition. I loved flying with passengers, para divers, air cargo and on photo- and film assignments. But I also loved digging through laws and regulations related to my AOC application.  Aviation is all about paper.....


Based on my previous experience, and supported by a thorough Flight Operations Inspector Course in Malta (2015) and an Auditing and Compliance Monitoring Management Course (2017), I am presenting myself to you as a Consultant to Air Operators worldwide.  

And very successfully, I may say.  


  • AOPA,   International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • KNVvL, Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association
  • DAG,     Dutch Aviation Group